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When Dreams Change

4-week course starting on 3rd May 2022 at 09.30-11.00 at the Cressex Site 

This is a course written specially for parents of children with additional needs and disabilities. 

I don't know about you, but I was looking forward to starting a family and becoming a mother. I had lots of expectations about all the fun things we would do together as a family, and thought about seeing them grow up, learn new things and become independent adults in time and start their own families. However, we all know that life isn't always like that and things don't turn out as we thought they would. My daughter has additional needs and this leads to behaviours that I never thought I would have to deal with. She also brings many joys to our family and I wouldn't change anything about her and my life now. 

In my journey with her, I have felt angry, sad, frustrated, stressed and a mixture of other feelings as well. When Dreams Change gives you the chance to take a step back from life for a short time over 4 weeks to allow you to process all these emotions. It is a chance to grieve the expectations of life that you had and that haven't come true because of your child's disability. It gives you a chance to see and celebrate the smaller things in your child's life and the joy they bring you. 

The course also covers the impact of stress on you, the importance of self-care and how to create a support network that helps you in the difficult job that you have as a parent to a child with additional needs. You can't parent well if you aren't OK and in a place to do so.

You also have an identity in your own right, which is often forgotten in the craziness of life as a parent, spouse/partner, carer etc. This course gives you the chance to rediscover yourself and to be able to look to the future and your dreams. 

One of the other benefits of this course is that you meet with other parents from the school, who are going through similar experiences and emotions. It is a wonderful feeling when you realise that you aren't alone on this journey.

Previous attendees, from school, have said how life changing the course has been and a wake-up call to them.

If you are interested in joining the group or would like to find out more, then please do e-mail me by Monday 25th April to book a space on the course on