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Chiltern Wood School Secure Area
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Class Teacher: Brittany Arthur

Senior Support Assistant: George Horne

Bumblebee class includes children who experience moderate to severe learning difficulties with an age range from Year 1 to Year 2. All the children follow a Combined Early Years' curriculum with SCERTS and the philosophy of a cross-curricular learning through play approach in a low arousal environment. Each day consists of fun, practical, sensory related activities that promote a love of learning while increasing the children’s independence, confidence, self-esteem, social interaction and communication skills.   

A balance of structure and child-led learning allows the children to develop a broad range of skills. Alongside this, the children learn key skills through 1:1 and group activities. Some of these include: See and Learn reading programme, Phonics, early writing programmes, functional Math's activities and communication focused tasks. Individualised work station activities are interwoven within the school day in order to provide opportunities to develop their independent learning skills. We also have a key emphasis on supporting our children to develop the skills to regulate their bodies and emotions effectively, in order to engage in the social world safely. We are guided by occupational therapists and the speech and language teams to embed supports throughout the school day for this.