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Chiltern Wood School Secure Area
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Department Lead: Sarai Luque-Talavera

The Coppice department consists of four classes with a range of severe to complex needs including Autism, Speech, Language and Communication Needs, Social, Physical and Sensory related difficulties.

The majority of the department follow the Chiltern Wood Combined Curriculum which combines a ‘learning through play’ approach with functional learning. Language and enquiry is developed through the delivery of a motivating curriculum that is adapted to meet everyone’s needs and fosters a ‘have a go’ attitude. However, our Sixth Form students follow a Life Skills Curriculum which allows them to learn and consolidate a range of valuable and functional skills with the aim of helping them prepare for their adult life.

Positive relationships are of paramount importance, and we work with determination and commitment to build, maintain and develop a relationship with each and every pupil we work with. It is through these strong relationships and shared understanding that we learn about what motivates each student.

Consistency and routine bring familiarity, and with it a sense of security that allow pupils to explore independently with confidence. In addition, it enables the students to understand their day and what is expected of them. It builds in opportunities for social interaction, effective communication and the ability to transfer skills. Independence and life skills are a key focus within our department, and we work closely with families and outside professionals to create individual learning programmes incorporating therapy, educational and life skills targets.  A heavy emphasis is placed on emotional understanding and regulation within the department to support children to be ready to learn. 

Speech & Language, Physio and Occupational Therapy activities are integrated in our daily routine.  Depending on their age and their individual needs, our students may also access a range of nurturing programmes and experiences including:

  • Forest School
  • Music Therapy
  • Swimming
  • Cooking with Chef Michael
  • Booker Gym
  • Travel Training
  • Work Experience
  • Community Café
  • Mini - Enterprise