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Chiltern Wood School Secure Area
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Class teacher: Samantha Ward

Senior Support Assistant: Jenny Pickard

Daisy class is a mixed Key Stage 2 and 3 class that follows the Early Years philosophy of cross-curricular learning through a range of highly motivating activities tailored to each child.

Pupils have daily opportunities for personalised target focused activities in 1:1 or 1:2 focused groups with a low arousal approach. In class we understand the importance of supporting pupils to feel regulated and ready to learn​. Opportunities are also provided to enable children to experience whole class activities including Attention Autism and musical story groups throughout the week We consider where the children are, both academically and developmentally, and ensure that learning opportunities reflect the different learning styles of our children. Opportunities to develop communication and independence skills are provided consistently throughout our school day. 

The class team is supported by the therapy teams within the school and external services as appropriate.  The joint working enables us to help reach the children’s full potential.