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Chiltern Wood School Secure Area
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Class Teacher: Nafisah Khalil

Senior Support Assistant: Tamanna Vats

Dragonfly class consists of children with severe learning difficulties from Reception to Year 2. Using a cross-curricular learning through play approach, we follow EQUALs Semi-Formal curriculum with EYFS ethos and the philosophy of a cross-curricular learning through play approach in a low arousal environment. We follow a routine that is simple and repetitive; indoors and outdoors; that involves a range of sensory and practical activities that are engaging and tailored to the children’s interests to promote a love for learning. 

There is a mix of adult led and child-initiated activities. The play is child-led but the environment has been carefully structured and enhanced to promote confidence, social interaction, self-esteem and development in all areas of learning with a particular focus on communication. We have an adult-led learning area which includes individualized activities to encourage specific skills tailored to each child’s needs and develop their independent learning skills with a clear focus on their EHCP targets. Within the timetable there are various circle time sessions to develop numerous skills such as attention span and turn taking within a group, plus we include lots of opportunities to assist children in regulating their bodies and emotions to ensure a positive learning environment, so that children feel ready to learn.