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FCWS Committee Members Roles




The Chair should work closely with the Head Teacher and the Parent Ambassador to ensure close working relationships between FCWS and Chiltern Wood School continue.

The Chair needs to work closely with the Treasurer and Secretary to ensure that the FCWS is run effectively.

The Chair should provide leadership for the committee, set the Agenda and run the meetings. It is important that the Chair welcomes contributions from all members so that everyone feels involved.

The Chair should welcome all new members, introduce them to the other members and encourage them to play an active part in the discussions at committee meetings.

The Chair should remain impartial, call the meeting to order and make sure that decisions are achieved.

The Chair should agree the Minutes of the meeting before the Secretary releases then for distribution.

The Chair should ensure that the constitution is up to date and that an AGM is conducted each year. Furthermore, produce a financial plan for agreement at the AGM.


The Secretary is responsible for assisting the Chair in arranging meetings, producing the Agenda for meetings and writing the Minutes of the meeting.

The Secretary should pass the Minutes of meeting to the Chair for approval before distributing the Minutes to the Committee members.

The Secretary should deal with all the correspondence that the FCWS receives and maintain a contact list for all FCWS members and contributors.

The Secretary should ensure enough members attend the meetings to meet the quorate (at least 6 members present not including the 3 core committee members).

The Secretary would assist the Chair in preparing and distributing newsletters and other communications to parents as well as the preparation of publicity flyers, posters and raffle tickets for fundraising events.


The Treasurer is responsible for recording all income and expenditure for the FCWS account.

The Treasurer should report on the current financial position at each committee meeting and this should be recorded in the Minutes. The report should include an update on funds received and spent since the last report. If the Treasurer is unable to attend

a committee meeting, a written report should be sent to the Chair at least one or two days before the meeting.

The Treasurer should manage the paying in and paying out of the account and ensure each transaction is recorded and receipted.

Advise the bank of agreed changes to the bank mandate ie those authorised to sign cheques.

Provide a cash float for fundraising events and ensure sufficient change is available.

Maintain appropriate financial records iaw Charity Commission guidance and ensure that the annual accounts submission is completed on time.

Ensure that an independent financial auditor carries out a consolidation of the account.

FCWS Members

FCWS Members work alongside the committee members, contributing ideas, helping to organise events or running with smaller projects. They also have an important role to play in ensuring good communication with the rest of the school and parents and participation in the events organised by the FCWS.