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Chiltern Wood School Secure Area
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Class Teacher: Rachel Amos

Senior Support Assistant: Tracy Lewington

Falcon class is a Key Stage 3 and 4 class. In our class, communication and independence are at the forefront of our planning and students are encouraged to be independent from the moment they arrive at school.  We follow a topic-based Curriculum where we target the student's individual needs.  We have split the class into two so that students benefit from working in small, quieter groups.

We are lucky enough to have an OT room which the students use throughout the day to support their regulation so that they are ready to learn and access lessons.

Our lessons include literacy where they either learn new vocabulary or they explore resources related to a sensory story.  During maths lessons they either use numicon to become familiar with numbers or they access highly motivating maths songs.  Our circle time gives students an opportunity to explore their feelings and to try different strategies to help regulate themselves.  Music is very popular, and students enjoy playing along and singing.  We will also do practical lessons such as personal care, cooking and art where students will be encouraged to be as independent as possible and explore ingredients and art resources.  During personal care students choose to participate in activities related to personal care, such as, foot spa, hand massage or brushing their teeth.

We are working towards road safety and travel training activities where we can practice walking around our local community and visit places including local supermarkets and the Town Centre.