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Chiltern Wood School Secure Area
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Chiltern Wood School has a child focussed approach that seeks to benefit all learners who are part of our community.  We value each child equally and recognise their unique potential.  With specialised teaching and a nurturing approach we aim to develop each child's particular abilities making it possible to achieve and make progress. We believe that our pupils have an important contribution to bring to the school, their family, friends and the wider community.

Chiltern Wood School is committed to developing each pupil's ability to communicate.  We understand that effective communication is paramount to a happy and fulfilled life.  Good communication skills will enable our pupils to make choices and have a positive impact on those around them.

We aim to enrich our pupils' lives by providing a curriculum that is appropriate, challenging and stimulating.  A curriculum that takes account of individual needs and learning styles. 

Our pupils enjoy a caring school through building relationships through trust and understanding. Together we are partners in their personal development and care.

We want all our pupils to have a positive experience of their community in and around High Wycombe.  In addition, we hope that we can help to foster an understanding and promote a positive attitude towards our pupils within our community.