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Chiltern Wood School Secure Area
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Class Teacher: Patricia Agueda

Senior Support Assistant: Jabin Miya

Ladybird class includes children from Reception to Year 2 with severe and complex learning difficulties from Reception to Year 2. In class, we follow EQUALs Semi-Formal curriculum with EYFS ethos focusing our teaching on extending pupil’s foundation skills to give children the ability and independence they need in their life.

Children in this class are supported to learn their key and core skills in 1:1 or 1:2 focused activities promoting a low arousal environment.  Opportunities are provided to enable children to experience small group working tasks, Attention Autism, sensory stories, turn taking and circle time all supported by the Staff team's passion and Intensive interaction Skills. Independent work activities and Life Skills are also interwoven within the school day providing opportunities for children to practice their independence in the community. This includes hair brushing, washing hands, cleaning teeth, hygiene routine, washing face and getting change, all based on our SCERTS method and Total Communicational Approach. Sensory and practical activities are used to engage pupils in their learning within the classroom. Music and sensory songs are used to support learning and transitions within the classroom.