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Little Wings

Department Lead: Hannah Hope

Little Wings Department is for the youngest children in the school and comprises of four classes. The children in these classes have a range of additional needs including Autism, Speech, Language and Communication Needs, Social, Physical and Sensory related difficulties.

Each class in Little Wings follows the same themes for the term but the activities and sessions are differentiated accordingly to the learning needs and styles of the individuals within the class. Our Early Years Curriculum is underpinned by exciting, engaging, child-led learning that builds on each individual child's next steps to ensure that children make good progress in all areas. We ensure that whilst following the Early years curriculum children have a high level of structure to each day. Consistency and routine bring familiarity, and with it a sense of security that allow children to explore independently with confidence.

Independence and life skills are a key focus within our department and these are integrated into daily practise. If children begin to develop their independence skills as early as possible they will be able to leave our setting being as independent as possible, which for many of our pupils is the primary goal.

Speech & language, physiotherapy and occupational therapy activities are also interwoven into each day. Depending on their individual needs children may also access individual or group activities including: Attention Autism, Intensive Interaction, Makaton signing, Picture Exchange Communication System (PECs), Augmentative and Alternative Communication Aids, See & Learn Whole Word Reading Scheme, Numicon mathematics scheme and gross motor skills programs.