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Menu of Support

On-Site Training
We can provide on-site training for whole-school, teachers, teaching assistants or small groups in the following subject areas:

  • Working with pupils with ASD
  • Sensory processing
  • Structure and transitions / executive functioning
  • Communication, Regulation and Transactional supports approach
  • Creating a SEND friendly environment
  • Behaviour management
  • Total communication
  • Emotional and / or sensory regulation
  • Low arousal approach
  • Developing joint attention
  • MPTA – maximising the practice of teaching assistants
  • Facilitating independence
  • Effective deployment of teaching assistants 
  • Writing SEN support plans and smart targets 

Direct work with SENCO
We can offer one-off or regular on-going contact for SENCOs provide support with the following areas:

  • Maintenance of EHCPs and development of SEN support plans
  • SEND Policy 
  • SEND action plan
  • Tracking interventions
  • Tracking SEND data

In our experience, the best way to assess the development needs at a whole-school level is to complete a one-day SEND review lead by a SEN specialist senior leader and assisted by a senior teacher.  This allows an in-depth analysis of the following areas in collaboration with school leaders and SENCO:

  • Outcomes
  • Leadership
  • The quality of teaching and learning for
  • Pupils with SEND
  • Working with pupils and parents
  • Assessment and identification
  • Monitoring, tracking and evaluation
  • Efficient use of resources
  • The quality of SEND provision


Pupil Referral
If a setting would like support with a specific pupil, a referral can be made. In discussion with the class teacher and SENCO, a specialist teacher will be assigned to provide advice, asses training needs and assist in the writing of a SEN support plan. A follow-up meeting 4-6 weeks later will identify if further support is needed. 


Phone Consultations
Phone consultations with a member of our senior leadership team are available every Thursday at 10am and 1pm. When booking, please indicate your area of need so you can be directed to the right individual. 


Visits to Chiltern Wood School
We welcome visits from professionals in the local area to see specific interventions or general SEND practice in person. 


To discuss your specific needs further please use the following contact details, and we will aim to get back to you within 7-10 working days: 

Claire May (Assistant Headteacher & Outreach Lead)
T: 07748 588655