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Outreach Hub


Over recent years, special schools have increasingly admitted children with a greater complexity of need.  Spaces within special schools are limited, and children who previously had been admitted to special schools will now need supporting in mainstream setting. The BUCKS SEND Education Sufficiency Strategy 2022-27 suggests 42% of pupils with an EHCP are being educated within mainstream settings, and forecasting predicts additional 745 pupils with EHCPs will be accommodated within mainstream schools by 2026.

Our Expertise

Chiltern Wood School special school caters for 205 pupils with severe, complex or profound learning needs. Our pupils have a broad range of needs including: global developmental delay, downs syndrome, autism spectrum condition, and speech, language and communication Needs.
We strongly believe in creating lasting partnerships with our local mainstream colleagues in order to share good practice, develop knowledge of SEND needs, and improve school SEND processes. Our highly specialist teachers and leaders are uniquely placed to offer support to teaching assistants, teachers, SENCOs, and parents.   

Our Offer

We understand that every setting has a unique set of circumstances with a wide variety of cohorts, knowledge, experience and finances. As such, we have designed a menu of support that can be tailor-made to your school. We also recognise settings such as nurseries and other educational providers (such as teacher training providers) may be interested in learning more. To discuss your specific needs further please use the following contact details, and we will aim to get back to you within 7-10 working days: 


Claire May (Assistant Headteacher & Outreach Lead)
T: 07748 588655