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Chiltern Wood School Secure Area
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Class Teacher: Sarai Luque-Talavera

Senior Support Assistant: Paula Granville

Owl class is a class of nine Key Stage 4 and Key Stage 5 students who experience a range of moderate and severe learning difficulties. The majority of pupils in owl Class follow the Chiltern Wood Combined Curriculum. However, some students follow the Sixth Form - Life Skills Curriculum.

Both curriculums strongly emphasise on learning through experiences and exploration. Due to our pupils’ age, our main goal is supporting them with the development of their communication, social, and self-help skills. That is why, a huge part of our learning experiences take part in the community. Owl’s daily routine involves a wide range of functional and meaningful lessons including meal preparation, budgeting, shopping, road safety and using public transport. It is also very important for our students to develop an understanding around sexual education, relationships, internet safety and personal care, always promoting a healthy lifestyle.

This cross - curricular and practical approach allows students establishing links and supports them in the development of their independence skills, so they can safely and actively participate in the community life.