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Parent Forum

What is the Parent Forum?

The Parent Forum is a partnership between parents and the school. It is a valuable way to share ideas, views, concerns and make suggestions for improvement.

The aims of the Parent Forum will be to:

* Support parents well-being

*  work together to improve the education provided for our children

* share information, knowledge and skills

* meet in a mutually supportive environment

*  further improve communication between parent/carers and staff/ Governors.

Who can be part of the parent forum?

Any parent is welcome to join any parent forum meeting. The forum will be chaired by Mrs. Taylor , Assistant Head teacher.

Why should I be part of the parent forum?

It gives you an opportunity to get together on a regular basis with other parents to have your say on what the school is doing well, and suggest ideas of how things could be improved.

There will be opportunities  to get advice and support to help your child/children with their learning.

How often will the Parent Forum meet?

Every term for about an hour initially one on each site.

What will be discussed at the meetings?

Anything related to improving the school and further developing the partnership between the school and parents. The meetings are informal and are an opportunity for an open discussion. Minutes of the meetings are taken and these will be accessible on the school’s website.

What will not be discussed at the meetings ?

Concerns or complaints involving individual children, families or members of staff.  These

issues should be raised with the class teacher, or a senior member of staff in a confidence.

How can I raise an issue?

To make a suggestion email either at;