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Chiltern Wood School Secure Area
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Department Lead: Samantha Ward 

Rainbow department comprises of four classes for children with a range of complex needs including Autism, Speech, Language and Communication needs, social, physical and sensory related difficulties.  Each class follows the same themes for the term but the activities and sessions are differentiated accordingly to the learning needs and styles of the individuals within the class.  Department trips are accessed together and are planned in advance to link to the themes of the term.  Each class is encouraged to have ‘walk out’ trips which work on the individual social and independence targets the class are focused on.  In addition to this each class have opportunities built in throughout the year to experience swimming lessons and Forest School visits.  

The SCERTS ethos is heavily embedded into our department, our approach to learning and the activities we plan for the children in our care.  


SC – social communication  

ER – emotional regulation  

TS – transactional support  

Through this approach we are able to maximise opportunities throughout the day.  This includes supporting and developing the children’s communication, helping to regulate through self or mutual regulation and providing support with transitions which enable the children to understand their day and what is expected of them through the range of transactional supports available to them.  In addition to this we provide them opportunities to make their own choices and develop their independence in a range of different areas including their self-help skills e.g. dressing.  Each day consists of fun, practical, sensory related activities that promote a love of learning while increasing the children’s independence, confidence, self-esteem, social interaction and communication skills.   

We work as a team with the therapy teams on site which include speech and language and occupational therapy.  Where required external support is provided and recommendations are built into the children’s week as appropriate.  

We look forward to welcoming you to our department soon.