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Chiltern Wood School Secure Area
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Red Kite

Class Teacher: Rachel Amos

Senior Support Assistant: Tracy Lewington

Red Kite class is a Key Stage 3 and 4 class following the Equals Semi-Formal Curriculum which combines a ‘learning through play’ approach with functional learning. The goal is to promote meaningful engagement in activities, flexibility and independence. The curriculum is personalised to each and every child to ensure they achieve maximum success in their learning and fosters a ‘have a go’ attitude. Learning is provided through motivating, interactive, hands on sessions.

Emphasis is placed on developing the children’s communication, by using a total communication approach.  We use Makaton, speech and AAC boards to support our students.  During circle time and OT sessions students are given the opportunity to discuss their feelings and experiment with different regulation techniques to find out what works for them.  We work hard to support students to become as independent as possible during this transition from primary to secondary school.  We encourage this from the moment they come into school right to the end of the day.  This includes looking after their belongings and putting them away to go and getting their lunch and making a drink as well as having cooking lessons. SRE (Sex and Relationship Education) lessons are predominately focusing on learning parts of the body and learning about the changes the body goes through during puberty.  Our story is linked to the topic and students are encouraged to use resources linked with the story.  Our maths lessons are play based with encouraging students to learn when they are having fun.  During PE we are learning how to follow instructions focusing on an obstacle course.  At the end of the week we hold a class assembly to celebrate achievements.