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Chiltern Wood School Secure Area
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Teacher:  Kim Savage

Senior Support Assistant:  Kirstie Hancocks

Welcome to Topaz Class. Led by Kim, this is a year 5/6 class of 10 pupils, supported by Kirstie, Lavanya and Tej.  Topaz class also benefits from having Lizzie who is a Schools Direct trainee teacher.  The class follows a tailored and personalised curriculum, which draws upon the National Curriculum, personal outcomes and input from various professionals. The school is organised into departments that are designed to meet the particular needs of the children offering them learning programmes building on their individual strengths and celebrating their achievements. There is excellent partnership with the health and social care professionals who work alongside us at Chiltern Wood School. All pupils have access to our facilities weekly, including cookery, dance/PE hall, swimming, soft-play, sensory and rebound.