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Working Together

We operate an ‘Open Door’ policy and welcome parental involvement in school activities. The following information outlines how we would like to work with you.

General involvement with us includes:

  • Regular newsletters. These inform you of a variety of things including changes in the class and school, and giving details of forthcoming events.
  • Supporting functions held throughout the year to which you are invited, such as assemblies, coffee mornings and other special occasions

Specific involvement with us includes:

  • Positive liaison between home and school. We support and encourage informal meetings between you and the staff team to enable this.
  • Our daily home/school diary. This is a way of communicating together issues on a day to day basis. We share what has been happening and how we might support each other.
  • Parent and Carer appointments in the Autumn and Summer terms. This gives an opportunity to meet with staff to discuss your child’s progress.
  • Annual Reviews. These are an important part of being involved with your child’s progress, and happen throughout the year.

When can I make an appointment with the school staff?

We want you to feel that you can contact us, and we’ll endeavour to be available pending the commitments we have. Our teaching staff, because of their class teaching responsibilities, are not usually available during the school day without notice. You can telephone, email or write in the home/school diary. However, in the event of something serious, we will aim to support your needs as a priority.

Would parents/carers please note that although we do our best to answer the telephone this is not always possible in a school such as ours. Please leave a message on the answer phone and we’ll get back to you.

Home/School Policy

We encourage all parents and carers to sign this agreement and support our home school agreement’s objectives. This sets out our commitment to the pupils and their parents or carers. It also outlines some basic expectations from parents and carers to enable home and school to work together cooperatively to provide a nurturing environment for the children. See the Home-School Policy attached below.

Meeting Medical Needs

We work to support you with your child’s medical needs so they can remain in school. We do this by having staff trained in the administration of medicines and infection control, and have key staff to support medicine administration.

Should it be necessary to administer any medication for long term conditions, e.g. epilepsy, during the school day, parents/carers are required to complete a Consent Form. Verbal instructions will not be accepted. Parents/carers need to ensure there is sufficient medication and that the medication is in date. Further information is available in the Administration of Medicines Policy attached below.

Occasionally it may be necessary to administer medication for a short-term condition. In this case parents are asked to give the school permission to administer the medication via a signed consent form which includes precise details of dosage and times.

We open the school to medical professionals, so they can work to support pupils from within. The Consultant Paediatrician visits pupils at intervals during the school year. Parents will be invited to attend and are asked to sign a consent form and return it to the school. We also have the services of a school nurse, community nurse team, and the hospital at home team.